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Get the personalized and caring service only a family-owned and operated company can offer.

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You will have efficient specific treatments for your needs instead of random doses of pest control products.

Absolute Peace of Mind

If any pest pops up in your home between scheduled treatments, we'll come back and re-treat for free.

The technician spent a lot of time making sure all areas were treated. We have an acre with a pool and patio so they made sure that all the shrubs in the pool area were treated as well as all the nooks and crannies on the porch. They also treated for scorpions. Bugs disgust me but the technician was so nice to explain how to keep our different areas free of old wood and overgrown brush to eliminate places for bugs to hide. I will definitely have them treat our home on a regular schedule. Great customer service.

cheryl brown
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Defend your home

Don't share your place with pests and get ants, spiders, roaches and other common household pests under control with our highly effective pest control services.


Cockroaches are skilled at hiding themselves in even the cleanest home, making it near impossible to eliminate them. Save time, energy and money with our effective treatment method.


Scorpions are a liability to your family and visitors coming to your property. Rather than try to hunt them down yourself, we can help you eliminate them safely and correctly from your home.


Spiders are inventive at getting into your home. With their small size and relentless efforts, they always seem to find a way to penetrate your home. We can help you keep spiders out with regular treatments.


Ants can be a nuisance causing harm by invading your stored food, transmitting harmful bacteria, damaging your home's structures and gardens area. With our understanding of ant behavior and habits, we can help you eliminate them.


Termites are the most damaging wood-destroying insect. They tear through wood and make your structural property unsafe, destroying your precious home. We'll make sure the job is done right, so the termites don't come back.


Mosquitos pose a health risk to people and pets because they spread viruses. We will ensure you regain control by fogging your entire property so you can enjoy your summer in the comfort of your home.



Rats / Mice



And More!

Pest Control

Get rid of pests invading your space.

Having your peaceful life taken away by bugs is an unpleasant experience and puts your entire family on edge. Trying to take care of it by yourself is not only tiring but may seem like fighting a losing battle.

Get complete protection.

Trust that our local experts have the license and training to handle whatever bugs threaten your peace of mind.

Extra care without extra fees.

Our services include spider web removal, foundation spray, shrubs, bushes and full fence treatment.

Enjoy your home again.

We will keep your family protected and restore control over your environment, making your home safe and secure.

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Get relief from pests like scorpions, roaches, spiders and ants without compromising your freedom — no contracts needed.

Specialty Pest Control


Do you need help to ensure your home has protection against termites? Take action fast as these destructive bugs are hard to spot and can ruin your home and cause costly damages. With our powerful, highly effective treatments, we'll protect your home against current and future termite infestations.

Termite are a common pest to get rid of in Queen Creek.


Can't enjoy your outdoor spaces because mosquitoes have taken over your backyard? It can quickly become a full-blown invasion seemingly overnight. We will ensure you get back control by fogging your entire property so you can enjoy your summer in the comfort of your home.

Mosquitoes that can overwhelm your backyard in Queen Creek.

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